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All donation over £50 will be getting an "High Donator" role in discord

All donations under £50 will be getting an "VIP" role in discord

100% of the donations that are made are put back into ArmX by paying monthly server costs, advertising, future developments.
We follow the
 bohemia rules. We do NOT promote "Pay-to-win" and therefor we do not offer overpowered/game breaking donation perks on our server.

Once you have donated/purchased any of the above, please create a ticket in our Discord by clicking HERE and a staff member will assist you so we can get your account updated.

If donation for custom reskins, you will work one-on-one with a professional designer to get the look you desire!

It is not permissible to unpack any of our mods in order to access the reskins as these are ARMX property. A DMCA will be filed if these are found on other servers. 

Custom reskinned clothing is available to everyone including non-donors at the traders

ArmX owns the rights of said retextures, and they are not permanent and we reserve the right to remove them if we swap clothing mods, or if player goes inactive.

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