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Drugs, 1 of the most profitable business in ArmX dayz
Will you be the best drug dealer on the server?

Follow these steps in order to grow drugs

  • Get a planter box

  • ​Fertilize using garden lime
    or plant materials​

  • Plant the seeds

  • Water the seeds

  • Wait for it to grow all the way

Cannabis Plant Process:

  • Look at the plant to get the
    option to "Harvest Raw Plant"

  • Make a "Dry Post"
    (Combine Log+rope)

  • Hang the "Raw Plants" on your
    dry post and activate the drying process

  • Collect your bud from the inventory of the drying post.

    • The "Dried Plants/leaves" can be used to fertilize again ​

Cannabis Workbench Process:

  • Buy/find the workbench or
    craft ​​with 10 planks+20 nails

  • Attach a Vacuum Sealer, Car/Truck 
    attery, Empty Plastic Bags and bud

    • Select the action to start sealing baggies​

  • Attach a Wrapping Machine, Pastic Roll and baggies of weed

    • Select the action to start wrapping bricks​

Cocaine Plant Process:

  • Look at the plant to get
    the option to "Harvest"

  • Pick up the Coca Leaves
    from the ground

  • Combine 2 Coca Leaves
    to make Coca Bags

  • Combine 35 Coca Bags +
    DuctTape to make Coca Brick

Sell the bricks and leftover bags at the valuable trader


Cannabis video


Cocaine video

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