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How to operate Recon Drone!


First thing is head over to gold trader, buy yourself a recon drone kit and a drone tablet, you will then need to be in the area of your flag in order to place the drone down.


You will need 3 9V batteries in order to operate the drone.

once you have placed your drone down and placed 2 of 3 of the batteries in the drone and 1 battery in the tablet you will then be prompted to pair the tablet to the drone by holding left click.


After that you are ready to fly! Go ahead and hold left click again to connect to the drone.


Press E to turn the drone On/Off

W,A,S,D is to move around shift is to go faster, Q is to go up, and Z is to go down.

You also can do night flying if you hit N you'll be able to switch to nightvision!

Things you will need:

  • Recon Drone Kit (Can be bought at gold trader)

  • Drone Tablet

  • 3 9V Batteries

The drone has a reach of 1km before it loses connection

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