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Base Building

Tutorial video at the bottom


Protecting your loot from all the scavengers around you!

Follow these steps:

  • Get a Territory Flag Kit from Trader and place it in your desired base location.

  • Craft or purchase a Workbench and a Blueprint Book from Trader

  • Put the Blueprint on the Workbench to create a Usable Workbench

    • This will allow you to create kits

  • There are 3 Tiers of building resources: Tier 1 (Wood), Tier 2 (Metal) and Tier 3 (Concrete)

    • Start with basic materials like nails, planks and logs. You need these materials to craft the kits. You can​ customize the kits according to your needs. Each kit requires a different amount of materials when building it.

    • After obtaining the kits, left-click to display a hologram showing where you want to place the kit. Once placed, a hologram will remain to give you a more accurate idea of its placement.

We use "Inventory Building". This means that after placing the hologram, you need to have all the necessary materials in your inventory to start building.

Upgrading doors:

  • To upgrade your door, you need BOTH the wall AND door to be upgraded

        Tier 1 door + Tier 3 = Tier 1
        Tier 3 door + Tier 1 = Tier 1
        Tier 3 door + Tier 3 = Tier 3


  • It takes 5 days for the flag to go to the bottom of a flag pole. You must raise your flag frequently

  • Your base and storage WILL despawn 2 days after the flag has reached the bottom.

    Removing flag pole:

  • Lower Flag

  • Remove Flag

  • Dismantle pole base with sledgehammer/pickaxe

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