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Robbing a ATM will get you a good amount of money but be aware!!! Others will know that your robbing a ATM.

In order to rob an ATM you need to have a drill in your hand. 

The ATM's are not always there, they spawn randomly.

ATM Locations: 

  • Novodmitrovsk Supermarket
    Stary Sobor Supermarket

  • Severograd Police Station

  • N.W.A.F HQ

  • Polyana Supermarket

  • Chernaya Polyana Supermarket

  • Kabanino Supermarket

  • Mogilevka Supermarket

  • Topolniki Supermarket

  • Zelenogorsk Supermarket

  • Pustoshka Supermarket

  • Gorka Supermarket

  • Vybor Supermarket

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